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Say Hello to the NEW AprilCMS

This post unveils an exciting new announcement for the OctoberCMS community – there’s a big change on the horizon which is set to take us into a new beginning

Here at inetis, we’ve been working with OctoberCMS for some time now, however we’ve finally decided that it’s time for a change. While we can’t deny that it’s a truly amazing tool to work with, we’ve finally come to realise that there’s something about it that really isn’t good for the team, and, in fact, it’s holding us back from achieving our full potential – it’s overbearing, disheartening, depressing Autumn theme. Well we’re sick of it!

A Never-Ending Autumn

For two whole years, we’ve been stuck permanently in the throes of Autumn, and while this wasn’t a problem when we first started using OctoberCMS, over time, we’ve started to notice that it’s beginning to have a major effect on health and well-being of our team as a whole.

As a development company, spending a lot of time with our main CMS is an essential part of our everyday experience, and that means that we’re all living in October all year round. Permanent Autumn isn’t just depressing, we’ve come to realise that it’s actually starting to take a physical toll on our personal and work-related lives.

With leaves everywhere and the ongoing feeling of summer being over and winter approaching, it’s hardly surprising that many of our team our now suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder* which never seems to improve, and as spring never comes, it’s no wonder that we’re hearing increasing reports of everyone feeling grey, dark and overcast.

Many of the team refuse to eat anything but pumpkin soup, and on the 31st of each month many choose wear a scary costume to the office- great in October, but not so much in July! It’s also wreaked havoc with time-keeping and scheduling, as on the last Sunday of every month, the whole team puts their watches back an hour- our office is currently running at 27 hours behind the rest of world!

Feeling depressed is one thing, but we’ve actually now started to notice that more and more of the team are getting sick without the benefit that the sunlight and warmth of spring can bring, and that has resulted in more absences and a dramatically reduced productivity. That’s why we’ve had to take some tough decisions, and we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to move on and find a solution. Something had to be done!

Welcome To The New CMS

After considerable discussion, for the benefit of everyone on the team, we’ve decided that we’re going to stop using the very depressing, orange-yellow-gold-brown leafed OctoberCMS. Instead, we’re going to create a fork that will bring rays of sunshine into our office – AprilCMS.

We’re very excited about the possibilities that our new AprilCMS will open up, and we’re looking forward to the many advantages that its implementation will bring to the company. We strongly believe that AprilCMS will bring with it a greater energy that will be permeated through every level of the organisation.

As spring is the season when nature wakes up, love is in the air and everything starts again after the dead season of winter, we think that it’s the perfect appropriate choice to bring everything back in line and to start again with a new and positive energy. It’s the season of new life, new beginnings, beautiful spring flowers and bulbs coming into bloom- AprilCMS is going to reenergise the team every day they’re in the office! Fingers crossed that the 90% of team members currently affected with Seasonal Affective Disorder due to OctoberCMS can now begin to live fruitful, happy lives once again thanks to the new AprilCMS.

We hope that you are as excited about AprilCMS as we are, and we hope that you’ll spread the news and contribute to this post with your comments. We’d love you to share this announcement on your social media and let everyone know about this exciting new CMS.

We just know that it’s going to put a Spring in your step!

Photo credit : Gellinger